Weather worries?

I have a bone to pick with internet and television weather forecasts! Right now, the Yahoo weather forecast for Shepherdstown has a ‘severe weather alert’ posted, like it has for the past several days. What’s the matter with that, you ask? We haven’t had a thunderstorm (severe weather) since last Friday night, and that one lasted about 30 minutes. We had some rain – not torrential – on Sunday, and a few drops yesterday. We could use more rain, honestly. But if you look at TV for your weather news, you’d think that we were ready to build an ark in the backyard. The major roads are clear from points north and west – if you are in DC you may have trouble with the Beltway. At any rate, if you have any questions about what our weather is really like here, just give us a call. It changes frequently, and the forecasts are often wrong, but we’ll give it our best shot and it might just be more accurate than the news!

Edited at 5:30 p.m. – about 3 hours after I posted this entry, the heavens opened in Shepherdstown and it has now been raining off and on all day. Not enough to build that boat, yet – but still, we have now got our fill of rain.

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