Happy Groundhog Day!

I am taking a break from our regularly scheduled countdown to Valentine’s Day because

  1. It’s Groundhog Day. If you didn’t grow up in central Pennsylvania, this might not be as meaningful to you, but for me it is one under-appreciated holiday. Thanks, Bill Murray, for cluing everyone in to the phenomenon that is the celebration of Punxsutawney Phil (and in my case, Raystown Randy, the short-lived hometown attempt to exploit Groundhog Day).
  2. It’s my birthday. Easy to remember because of the holiday. Being as it is the big 5-0, my darling husband took me to Bedford Springs for a spa day (and two nights). We had an excellent dinner with family on Monday night and lounged most of the day yesterday in the spa.

Tomorrow, back to reality in Shepherdstown and the countdown!

Jeanne & Jim at the Thomas Shepherd Inn B&B in Shepherdstown, WV

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