Thursday Nights at O’Hurleys General Store

You’ve heard about the heritage music featured on Thursday nights at O’Hurley’s General Store on the edge of Shepherdstown in this space before. The Great Hall on the side of O’Hurley’s is transformed with dulcimer music and local voices singing to the rafters in front of a roaring fireplace – sometimes you find enthusiastic dancing as well!
Jay Hurley, the owner and a well-known figre around town for more than 30 years, was born in the room that he now sleeps in above the store. It’s hard to find places where you can cross a threshold and step back in time like you can at O’Hurley’s – you owe it to yourself to visit on Thursday night. Here’s a video – a little dark, but you can hear the music – from a recent guest’s visit.

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  1. We’ve been there for the thursday night music fest and love it ,were looking to come back , and hoped they are still having the music!

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