Room 4 at the Thomas Shepherd Inn


$170 – $195/night

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Room 4, away from the street side of the inn, has two full-size beds with plush non-allergenic toppers for luxurious comfort. Themed in blue this room is peaceful and immediately makes one feel right at home. Both beds are handmade in West Virginia, quilted in blue and have tables beside and between them with lamps in blue ceramic. The heads of each bed are recessed giving a sense of privacy in a shared room. There is a large armoire with comfortable robes within. A small writing desk and wooden side chair accent the room. Oriental rugs atop hardwood floors complete the room. The private bath is accented with old-fashioned bead board and has a combination tub and shower with a sunflower showerhead.

This room is a good choice for those who desire separate, yet spacious beds. It is often used for friends traveling together, parent and child, or business travelers.